The Waitress pulls the shades down in front of me.
I try to concentrate on what she wants from me.
But my blank expression shows no sign of intention

Now she walks up slowly expecting nothing from me
but all I see is hate and lies, there's no escape no compromise.

I will wait, just a long as it takes

You think you know me, you think you can stop me
may be hypnotize, paralyze lobotomize
, you've fucking lost your mind
hey kid you've lost your way and you'll never find it again
you've lost your way and you'll never find it

I will wait, just as long as it takes.


from Under the Overpass of America, released January 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Final Drive Saint Louis

Describing itself as 'Southern groove thrash metal,' St. Louis’ Final Drive delivers on promises of tension and release. It pairs punishing percussion and space to catch your breath, crashing chords and arena-ready solos, anguished screams and serpentine melodies. ... more

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