Send My Regards

from The Firebrand Sessions by Final Drive



Send My Regards

As I walk down this road
I can see it in the shadows
reaching out to me
but do I have it all
everything I need
where all i have to do is sell out?

I have always done what it takes for these things
now i'm at these crossroads where nothing is what it seems
and they ask me what i the things i want and need
so will i take it or will i fold and take the chance on me?

will i follow the footsteps they left here?

I got it right in my face and its so easy just to fall out of place
I watch it slip away
and I guess it's easier just to give up

this has never become some fimiliar before becasuse the floods are reaching and I can seem them just outside my door while ask me has it all really been worth what's in store but I have to take it and reach out further than before


from The Firebrand Sessions, released January 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Final Drive Saint Louis

Describing itself as 'Southern groove thrash metal,' St. Louis’ Final Drive delivers on promises of tension and release. It pairs punishing percussion and space to catch your breath, crashing chords and arena-ready solos, anguished screams and serpentine melodies. ... more

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