Gods Breath

from The Firebrand Sessions by Final Drive



Gods Breath

As the sky turns black from the decay of our ways
Gods breathe is on our backs counting the days
Until she slits the wrists of the world and lets it bleed
Burn it down throw it away and plant a new seed

But I hold my falling pieces
And you can’t fix everything

And it reads we all will bleed
But does it mean I have to fall on my knees

I won’t drown in this world’s wave

As the end opens for our every last breathe
The regrets slip through the cracks of the sunset
Until I can’t feel anything anymore than you
Close your eyes, breath your life and soon it will be through

But I can’t take it that easy
And you just do what they tell you

But you can’t tell me how to live
Cause you don’t know where I began

I won’t drown in this world’s wave
Close the blinds for better days
I won’t drown in this world’s wave
Close the blinds for better days


from The Firebrand Sessions, released January 1, 2006


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Final Drive Saint Louis

Describing itself as 'Southern groove thrash metal,' St. Louis’ Final Drive delivers on promises of tension and release. It pairs punishing percussion and space to catch your breath, crashing chords and arena-ready solos, anguished screams and serpentine melodies. ... more

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