Down the Bottom

from by Final Drive



Down the bottom

I've had it all enough times, just to throw it away
been given the chances, it's just always a day late
piss poor in the pocket of yesterday while I'm twelve down in
my cups today, self inflict my self inflictions while I try to make some since of you
fucking system hide behind the walls of your self appointed institutions

I've never had it as many times as you've pissed it away
walk through life with your certified reason of excuse
and try it all at least once so I can't fake it.

Down the bottom of another bottle and I could care less now

I'll never see it your way, I'll never see it your way

Down the bottom of another bottle and I could care less now


from Under the Overpass of America, released January 1, 2009



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Final Drive Saint Louis

Southern Groove Thrash Metal, Final Drive, a heavy metal band from St.Louis, Missouri, delivering fast-paced, southern, groovy, thrashy auditory assault.
If you like Pantera, Clutch, Slayer & AC/DC, you should love Final Drive.


  • Aug 17
    Salt Lake City, UT

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